Exhibition opens at 18:30 on Thursday, 8 October 2009.
Everard Read Gallery , 3 Portswood Road , V & A Waterfront
Telephone: +27 21 418 4527

If ‘Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll’ typified the 60s and 70s, then it is fair to say that more recent decades will be remembered as the time of ‘Sex, Power & Money’. The world is in the grip of an economic meltdown which has perhaps ended this age as we know it. So, just as the ‘Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll’ era is perceived to have ended, as hippies donned suits and fostered the Baby Boomers, so inevitably we will look back at this time as having prospered and foundered. What comes next remains to be seen.

These and other premises were considered when deciding to invite artists to participate in this group exhibition. However,we deliberately did not relay this premise , as we wanted to present a snapshot of how artists responded to these emotive words, at the zenith or the end (depending on your view) of the era they describe. Artists, as filters of public and private opinion,distill this into works that may illustrate, glamorize, satirize, criticize,eulogize and immortalize our times. Tempting though it may be to try and control the outcome, we believe that our job is to present icons of our time and let history contextualize the works.

Everard Read, Cape Town, is delighted to invite you to ‘Sex, Power & Money’, a multiplicity of perspectives on a threesome of potent forces that have unquestionably had a hand in shaping our world - how we perceive it and engage it.

Exhibiting emerging and established artists include:
Sam Allerton, Heike Allerton Davies, Beezy Bailey, Stuart Bird, Anton Brink, Melissa Dreyer, Guy du Toit, Ricky Dyaloyi, Brad Gray, Kim Gurney, Sasha Hartslief, Diana Hyslop, David Jackson, Marlise Keith, Jillian Lochner, MJ Lourens, Denby Meyer, Fikile Mqhayi, Caryn Scrimgeour, Frans Smit, Helmut Starcke, Simon Stone, Egon Tania, Shany van den Berg, Peter van Straten, Claire Walker, Donovan Ward & Florian Wozniak, and introducing Torsten Warmuth from Berlin and Tony Scullion from Glasgow.

Exhibition concludes 22 October

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